Janet Matta


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She is an absolute delight to work with.
— Daisy Fry, University of Washington

Janet Matta is smart, reliable and a consistent voice in the world of career development working with young adults in particular. I can always count on Janet for sage and balanced advice. She is a highly competent career advisor and her love for the work is reflected in her dedication and service with students. These qualities, combined with her passion and involvement in helping to balance inequities in vocation as it relates to race and class, make Janet a role model for me as well as colleagues I have spoken with who have also benefited from her dedication and professionalism.
Recently, Janet received one of our highest ratings for a guest speaker at our College Internship Workshop. Our college students were engaged and had fun while learning valuable tools about conducting a strong internship search that aligns with their interests, values and strengths. Needless to say, Janet is one of Rainier Scholars strongest partners in career services.
— Thomas Wilson, Rainier Scholars

I am very impressed with Janet’s ability to assess her client’s needs and come up with a customized plan that meets their specific needs. She is responsive, thoughtful, thinks strategically and provides useful insight each and every time. It’s been a great experience working with Janet
— Brenda Perez-Coriano

Janet impressed me and continues to impress me with her resilience, comfort operating in a changing environment and her passion to do things better!

I cannot recommend Janet without commenting on her excellent communication skills; she is a confident and engaging facilitator, a good listener and I would encourage you to read her blog - it’s always an enjoyable read.
— Julieanne O'Hara, University of Technology Sydney

She is conscientious, thoughtful and creative. She would quickly grasp what kind of employees companies and organizations who were recruiting from the Information School were looking to hire, and also had a clear understanding of the strengths of the students and young professionals she was working with and in what business roles they would be successful. Her insightful approach to hiring the right employees and organizational development would be a huge benefit to any business.
— Andy Willmer, University of Washington

Janet is a confident and comfortable leader with a creative and passionate vision for her work.
— Ash Choi, University of Washington