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Janet Matta

Talent Development for the Future of Work.


We are your career strategy experts for the future of work.

Work has changed. Your talent pool is global, mobile, not going to traditional universities (or maybe they are and are graduating with deep uncertainty), and looking for more from their work. “Retirement” is a pipe dream for most and sabbaticals are a thing. AI has revolutionized how we work, communicate, hire, and get hired, but there are massive gaps in what a machine can do to help us connect. You need a strategy for how to evolve your organization, engage your people, and create new partnerships as this landscape shifts.




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Areas of Practice

High Potential Talent Development

Want to keep and grow your best and brightest? Prevent your competitors from recruiting away your hi-po talent by creating career development and engagement programs that work.

21st Century Universities

The times are changing, but many universities are missing key opportunities to clarify their value to a student population looking for more. Provide what students need and want by creating powerful education experiences that truly engage students in life beyond campus and prepare them for work of significance.

Remote Work

Employees are asking for flexible and remote work. Remote workers can be an excellent source of diverse talent. You’ll need a strategy for keeping your remote workforce engaged in the culture, communication norms that ensure nothing gets lost, and training for managers on how to build and grow remote teams that excel.

Education Technology

The future of education is digital, distributed, and skills-based. Students of these ed tech programs are in-demand career shifters, career starters, and job hunters, and need targeted support to ensure the job outcomes they came for. As a hiring org, you need to partner with them better, and as an education provider, you can be doing more to ensure those placement outcomes.

Corporate Universities & Apprenticeships

Why go through that long recruitment cycle when you can create the talent you need internally? Corporate universities and apprenticeship programs are the key to cultivating exactly the talent you need when you spot a bright star early. Need help building yours?

Career Services

Go beyond job boards and resume reviews to provide outstanding and innovative career development, integrated to what young professionals and students want to be doing and need most. Engage the employment community through strong partnerships and watch placement numbers grow.


We must all obey the great law of change. It is the most powerful law of nature.
— Edmund Burke


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