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High POtential Talent Development

Whether you are a business or an education provider, your high potential, early career talent is the future. Cultivate, engage, and grow that talent through career and professional development programs that will keep these people excited, energized, innovative, and giving back in ways you haven’t even imagined yet. We work with organizations to design and deliver engagement and education programs for high potential young talent to meet the goals of the business or school while growing the talent of tomorrow for the benefit of all. Have high potential talent you need to engage? Get in touch.

Future of Universities

Universities are struggling to remain relevant to a job-seeking, debt-saddled generation, and we can help. We believe in Universities and the power they hold to shape the next generation’s engagement as business and civic leaders, but we must provide a message and an education that is relevant to the 21st century - its needs, problems, and economy. We work with universities to craft a strategy centered on relevance and unique positioning in the education marketplace, and back it up with program development focused on engaging students for the future of work. We develop leadership and civic engagement programs, marketing strategies, career and community engagement programs and strategies, courses and curriculum designed to attract, retain, and develop the leaders of tomorrow. Reach out to us here.


We specialize in coaching high potential young talent, millennials, aspiring leaders, and young professionals across industries. We can develop a coaching program for your organization, hire and train coaches for you, or directly provide 1:1 and group coaching services for the young talent you want to cultivate, grow, and keep. Want to utilize the power of coaching for your organization? Get in touch.

Remote Work

Struggling to find the right people? The members of your next team could span 3 continents and 8 time zones, if you’re open to expanding your organizational culture to include the best people wherever they are. We help you do this. From crafting remote work policies and norms, to training team members and management in how to cultivate and participate as part of a remote team, to coaching individuals in how to engage with the company and their career despite geographic distance, we support you in making remote work the secret to a happy, productive, and engaged team. Want to make your remote work more effective? Get in touch.

Ed TEch and Bootcamps

Skill-based education programs delivered online or in person hold an important role alongside universities in delivering fast and effective skill acquisition. However, to ensure the success of students, it’s not enough to teach the skill. You need an expert in career outcomes and the future of work to ensure that your students have what they need to contribute to the organizations of today and beyond. We partner with you to create curriculum, programming, corporate engagement strategy, and career services and outcomes strategies to get your students where they want to go, and bring you the outcomes that you can shout from the rooftops. Want to see your outcomes improve? Get in touch.


We are passionate and skilled facilitators and trainers, and experienced in delivering content to audiences of 4 or 400. We specialize in training young workers in all areas of professional success, as well as managers, in how to cultivate and develop talent for the future of work. Coaching training for management and HR is also available. Whether you need a bespoke workshop for a small group, or a keynote presentation to your entire organization, we provide transformative educational experiences. Need training for your big or small group? Contact us.

Corporate Universities & Apprenticeships

Recruiting is harder and harder. Smart companies are looking at how to grow and teach the skills they need right under their own roof, rather than trying to find and woo the perfect candidate from somewhere else. The corporate university, apprenticeship, or internship program is the way to attract and retain the raw talent you need, and then teach the exact skills you need internally, without relying on an external education provider to take years to do it for you. We consult, develop, and deliver corporate universities, modern apprenticeship programs, and internship programs to meet your organization’s goals in your full control. Get in touch here.

Career SErvices

Career Services are falling short. Students and clients regularly seek outside support with their career development because existing career services are seen as too vague, the bare minimum, too general, out of touch, and hands-off. We work with secondary schools, universities, ed tech companies and bootcamps, finance companies, and more to provide truly relevant, specific, accurate career services and programs for job seekers, job changers, graduates, students, movers and shakers, and leaders. We design, develop, and deliver career services that are highly relevant, exactly what your client or student base needs, when they need it, to ensure their career success now and in the future. Want to explore a new way to do career services? Get in touch with us.

Program Development

When you need more than a workshop or coaching session, we develop strategic and wholistic programs that integrate leadership, HR, and the siloed divisions in your organization with the vision you have for your talent development needs. In education, we are specialists in integrating core curriculum with career outcomes goals. Programs could include a year long career development series, a millennial engagement strategy, a structured internship or apprenticeship program, and more. Want to discuss? Get in touch with us.